Trinkets & Treasures Pt. 1

Part 1 of the new Zee Zoetic series, Trinkets & Treasures. All the cool things found for free or thrifted for DIY projects, etc.

Low Cal Strawberry Shortcake desert

It’s so hard watching calories 24/7. IM TIRED OF IT! So thanks to some intense research (Hey, Pinterest!) I found an alternative for ice cream. Besides Yo plait yogurt, this will do the trick. It’s EASY and its under 150 calories! WHAT YOU’LL NEED:  -Graham crackers (Not the one with the sugar and cinnamon, you…

Chicken and Tofu Mason Jar Salads

So you know how you want to eat healthy but when you’re on the go, hungry, there is hardly an option to healthy eating? It’s so freaking annoying and if you do happen to find something healthy, it costs an arm and a leg! I’m over it. The key to that is meal-prepping for on-the-go…

Turkey Burger w. Cauliflower Rice-Bun

Omg…… So I always talk about how I’m going to eat clean and lose weight…blah blah blah. HOWEVER, I do shop for healthy foods to force me to eat well. I do eat well….but my cheat meals turn into cheat days….then cheat weeks…lol. I kept craving burgers so I was like hmm…how can I have…

Slow cook then Baked BBQ Chicken with Bacon

Slow-cooked Chicken…bacon bits, bourbon bbq, scallions. Yes, this is a real thing. I mades it 😀 I cooked it up for my friend, Victoria’s party. That was a HILARIOUS night. No like you don’t understand. Click here if you wanna see what happened. It’s not a quick process but it’s super easy to do. Not…

New Vlog up! Joe’s Surprise Karaoke Party, Snow Storms and St. Patty’s Day. Check it out if you feel like laughing

DIY Bleached T-SHIRT|Ombre

So Joe’s Birthday was the other day! I threw him a surprise birthday party at a Karaoke  spot with all his friends. If you want to see the footage of the hilarious night, click here ! Anywaysssss, so I bought him some gifts but I really wanted to make this shirt and I knew he’d…

Chicken Veggie dump Over Pita

Now this wasn’t supposed to be blogged but I was in the middle of doing a daily vlog for Youtube and decided why not blog it too lol. I had no idea what I was cooking when I went downstairs either. I was just going with the flow, chopping things up as the chicken cooked….

DIY-Home-made Gift Basket

This is going to be my new THING. I loved making this basket. It’s funny because when I get close friends gifts, I usually get them a bunch of things and throw it in a bag. It’ll be a few things that relate to a theme such as a clubbing kit and it’ll have nice…

The Accent Tag:NJ Edition

I did my first YouTube Collab! Joe and I decided to do the accent tag with Alicia Motley! We said a series of words and had to answer questions. You can search this up and compare our answers to others all around the world! Pretty cool 😀

Chicken Parm Soup!

Hi guys! So I had my surgery! Now I can get back into the blogging process again once I can cook because you guys seem to like my food posts more than anything. I will make sure I’m back to being consistent again, for sure! Ohh and in other news, I bought a Light Tent….

Top 15 CRAZY Mandela Effects| Reaction

[REACTION VIDEO] Here are the TOP 15 MANDELA EFFECTS that will F**k your life up! No really….like you will be shook if you never heard of this before. My guest, Seth has never even heard of Mandela Effects or knows NOTHING about conspiracy theories so this shows his reactions as well.