Woven Maple Bacon Topper!

So I saw this somewhere online and I can’t find where BUT I remembered how to make it. Omg it was so good. I feel bad though because I’m supposed to be eating healthier but whatever. It was a turkey burger and I used turkey bacon. Treat ya self!

Basically what it is, is bacon strips woven in the shape of a square that fits perfectly on top of a burger! You know when you get a BLT and its a few bacon strips but never really covers the whole burger? This is the solution to that but with a twist. I shall show you , step by step in numbered pictures.

(This is a judgement free zone, don’t judge the pix lol)

PhotoGrid_1472083947926 (1)




-Bacon strips (5 strips)

-A knife

-An oven

-Maple syrup

-A spatula

-Aluminum foil


STEP ONE: The picture labeled “1” is the beginning step. To the left is what the finished product is (Before being baked and glazed) and to the right is what the first steps are.

Take your bacon 5 bacon strips and cut them in half. After you’ve done that, lay 3 of the cut strips horizontally, a centimeter at most, apart.

STEP TWO: Picture “2” shows an extra strip placed on top of the three strips. Place a strip on the left side, vertically.

STEP THREE: Take the middle strip of bacon that lays horizontally and flip it back, halfway as shown above. You then flip it back over ON TOP of the first vertically strip. So basically you’re tucking it underneath. Not so hard, right?



STEP FOUR: Take another strip of bacon to lay vertically in the middle just as my lovely boyfriend, Joe, demonstrates above.

STEP FIVE: You now take the top and bottom layer of bacon from STEP ONE and flip it back halfway like we did in STEP THREE.

STEP SIX: Flip it back over on top of that second , vertical strip.

TA-DA!!!! All done! Well with the hard part…


STEP SEVEN: Take your spatula and place your woven, bacon masterpieces one by one on the spatula and put it on foil. This helps it to not fall apart, obviously. Once you’ve done that, place it in the oven. GENTLY. Otherwise it will fall and you’ll be blaming me and I don’t want my first email to be hate mail lol.

Now this part depends on how you like your bacon, crispy, kinda crispy, not crispy, or burnt. I put mine on 400 for five minutes. I was hungry and impatient so it wasn’t fully crunchy but it was cooked and good! If you prefer crunchy, I’d do a lower heat for longer, or broil it.

STEP EIGHT: Take out the bacon. Simple enough lol.

STEP NINE: Drizzle maple syrup on it. I kind of did it like how it’s done with icing on a Toaster Strudel.


STEP TEN: Picture “10” shows what it looks like after I put the maple syrup on top. It’s syrup so it spreads quickly. There really no need to put a lot unless you’re into that cavity life. Pop them back in the oven. I did 400 again for 10 minutes It was cooked, chewy but not crunchy. For crunchy, I’d broil it, but not for too long because then you’ll burn the syrup and you’ll be sad. And sad spelled backwards is das and Das not good. 😦

STEP ELEVEN: This is the finished product. It looks so good. It kind of stays woven together, too. Pretty cool.

STEP TWELVE: Use your spatula to place it on your sammich or burger and you’re all done!

Yayyyy, Bacon Burger Toppers.  Enjoy!


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