Kale-chicken wraps with cranberries!

I have to admit, this was pretty freaking good. I was sad that I wasn’t in the mood to eat but I for sure ate it all, as did Joe. He was in a mood for wraps and we had some picked up from the produce store, earlier. I figured I’d get creative. I knew it’d be good so I SOMEWHAT photographed it step by step. Somewhat….


-Boneless Chicken


-Dried Cranberries


-Low-fat cream cheese

-Grated Parmesan Cheese

-Salt-free seasoning

-Spinach peta wrap

-Aluminum foil




STEP ONE: I chopped up a couple pieces of boneless chicken. I cooked it, seasoned it with a salt-free seasoning.

STEP TWO: I then added grated Parmesan cheese to the chicken. Then I added veggies. The veggies are kale, and broccoli.  I let that simmer with some water (I have a dual pan btw so whats what you’re seeing it cooked in) for about 5-10 minutes on a low heat. As that was cooking up, I added a little bit of water to the chicken and low-fat cream cheese (two tablespoons). I mixed it around until the cream cheese wasn’t clumpy (still on a low heat!).

STEP THREE: I added cranberries! Cranberries are great in salads, wraps, almost anything, at least to me. It gives it a nice kick of sweetness but it’s not too much. Try it, you’d be surprised. I let that simmer in with the kale and broccoli. I put a lid on top and just let it cook on low for a few mins.

As that was happening, I made zucchini fries! Unfortunately, my Nikon was being super petty and deleted all the step-by-step pics I had on making them but don’t worry. I will DEF be making them again and showing you guys how. Sorry! Here is a pick of them though. They are Parmesan crusted. We dipped them in low-fat ranch. So good. So good.

DSCN0520 (1)


STEP FOUR: After letting it all cook for a few more minutes on low, I took the lid off and made sure to stir the chicken. Then I added the veggies in the chicken and stirred some more. I turned off the stove after a minute so the cream cheese wouldn’t dry up. A great replacement for cream cheese would be non-dairy heavy cream. I get mine from Trader Joe’s but I didn’t have any at the time. It’s much healthier than regular heavy cream.


STEP FIVE: I added three tablespoons of the chicken and veggie mixture on to a spinach peta wrap in the center.

STEP SIX: Wrap it up as tight as you can on top of aluminum foil. I used to work at Moe’s Southwest Grill when I was younger so you would think I was a pro at wrapping burritos and such. I’m not, but you get the point lol.

STEP SEVEN: Wrap the masterpiece into foil and put it on a grill, oven, whatever you prefer. I used a mini grill. This helps everything stick and settle into each other and I personally feel it tastes better warmed up and grilled.


I know, I know, I gotta get better at this taking pix thing. Joe is actually better at it. Maybe I should use him lol But this is just to get to the point and show you guys. Hopefully you can make it super pretty and then show me how the heck to present food lol. But this is the final result. It was super good and I highly recommend it. Doesn’t even feel like clean eating! I will be making this again for lunch at work.




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