DIY Distressed Jeans Men & Women

I’ve always had fun making distressed jeans and so on. I love taking clothes and making it different. Idk. It definitely takes the pressure off being an actually fashion designer. I just go to the thrift store, grab the ugliest thing I can find or most plain and make it better! It keeps me busy, it’s a nice challenge and when it comes out right, it’s extremely rewarding.


These were a pair I made in the summer of 2015. I wore them very often. I still have them but I gained a bit of weight and I don’t like tight fitted jeans too much, especially when they dig into my waist when I sit. So I went to the Salvation Army and bought myself a pair and I even bought some jeans for the boyfriend, too. I didn’t go as crazy, but I figured I’ll keep going at it, changing it up and distressing it over time after a few washes. Maybe even add some bleach spots!







PhotoGrid_1472339661083 (1)

The Top two pictures are the beginning stages. The top left is mine and the top right is Joe’s after being cut.

I’m going for the Boyfriend Jeans look and Joe’s are jean cut off’s. Usually pretty pricey at Urban Outfitters or where ever. He never wore them before so why not pay a couple bucks each for a pair we can make ourselves, right?

I kind of did the distressing without planning. I knew I wanted holes, rips, tears and slits but I didn’t know where so I just did it randomly.

MAKING A HOLE IN JEANS: I bunched up a small portion of the jeans in my hand and cut a tiny hole.

MAKING A SLIT IN JEANS: I took my scissors and cut straight across where ever I wanted the slit, and the desired length horizontally, or vertically.

ADDING DISTRESS: I took my tweezers and plucked away at the parts cut to add more distress before the wash and dry. I did this to the holes, slits, rips, etc. It takes some time at first depending on how much work you’ve done but it’s well worth it.

POP IT IN THE WASH AND DRYER: I then put the jeans in the washing machine and then the dryer so the distressing can be more dramatic. It gets better and better over time so don’t worry if it’s not fully what you desire. The fringes will hang more over time and the rips will become more noticeable if you wear it enough.


This is the final result (above). Joe wore his that day and it began to take shape to his body and became more loose. Mine, I haven’t worn out yet because It’s just too hot. It wasn’t the exact look I was going for but I kind of like it! I can wear it with printed leggings underneath for fall or lace stockings. And when I lose weight (WHICH I WILL!) It will have a more loose fitting and an even better look, in my opinion.

It’s fun, creative and rewarding. It is custom to you. No one will have the exact same pair as you. You can do it while watching your favorite T.V shows or listening to music.

I will be posting O.O.T.D pictures with these little masterpieces, soon. Try it! It doesn’t hurt to be your own Kanye designer.






  1. I have complete and total faith in your fashion sense. As one could always see by your pics. More importantly because I love your ass and you’re the homegirl! Jizoe will be the envy of all his peer this fall!

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