Infused Water: Cucumber Lemon

This isn’t going to be one of those long tutorials on how to make it because it is pretty self explanatory. All you have to do is take your pitcher, bottle, or glass of water and add fruit to it, or veggies. Each fruit or veggie has a particular job.


Cucumbers: Brings down blood pressure, hydrates, detoxes, curbs your appetite and so much more. Check out this article here to learn a little more!

Lemon: Lemons are great for detoxing and weight-loss as well. It is a great source of Vitamin C, helps with digestion (I know from experience. It’s amazing), boosts energy,etc. Def take a look at this article here to learn more. It will break it all down for ya!


Soooooo….what I did was I bought a cucumber and two lemons. I sliced them up as you can see above.

Then I put it in a zip-lock bag because I know I take a bit to go through fresh produce. Well really it’s because it goes bad, quickly.


THEN I pop it in the freezer, why? So it stays fresh longer, AND so it acts as a water chiller instead of just adding ice! I know, I’m so smart 😀


If you took a look at my last post , you knew I talked about frozen cucumbers. This is why I had them! The water and fruits infuse quickly and just gets better over time. I added five each to a pitcher that I keep in my fridge and you’re good to go!


Okay, that was long but whatever. Happy drinking!




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