Chili Bread Bowl

I went to this thrift store that was giving away free clothes. Yes, FREE! Like a thrift store isn’t a treat as is. They apparently had too many submissions of clothing so I loaded up my truck with Joe full of bags, garbage bags! Here is the catch though, I can’t see whats in the bags or choose what I want. I just had to grab the garbage bags full of clothes and pick what I want once I get home. I grabbed 8, haha.

So then as I am loading the car up, I see some bread, well a lot of bread on a table. Trader Joe’s bread! Rye, whole wheat, etc. I was excited so I went inside to ask how much it was. The woman who worked there said it was free! I grabbed so many bags of different kinds of bread with no shame at all. Of course I want to involve bread for dinner so I’m trying to figure out what I can make then of course it came to me, CHILI BOWL TIME! I knew it would be good so I decided to take some pictures for you guys even though it’s my first time making it, it was so easy. I shall show you.



-Sour Cream

-Cheddar cheese


-Olive Oil


STEP ONE: Make chili. I bought a can of turkey chili from the store for $1 and added some taco seasoning which was the same price as well as added some sour cream and stirred (Last part optional).

STEP TWO: I took my bread and admired the possibilities 😀

STEP THREE: I took a small knife and cut a hole out and then took the filling of the bread out so the chili can sit nice and deep enough in the bowl. The bread that was cut out is what will be used to dip the chili in. Just slice it up smaller if need be.

STEP FOUR: As you were cutting the bread out, the chili was simmering, looking all lovely and stuff. The bowl is then put into the aluminum tray glazed with olive oil (the tray is glazed but if you want to glaze the bowl with oil, you can) and the chili is then poured into the bowl.

STEP FIVE:  Add sliced/shredded cheese on top. The bowl can then be placed in the oven (Along with those little slices of bread surrounding it) on 350 degrees until the bread is browning and the cheese looks melted.


And the final results…..


Looks good, huh?  We ate it while watching the first football game of the season. It was lovely and I fell asleep right after that!



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