Veggie Bagel Burger with sweet potato fries!

This isn’t much of a tutorial. This is more of a meal idea. A healthy one! Remember when I mentioned  free bread in my Chili Bread Bowl post? Well that is where these bagels came from! My friend, Seth gave us veggie patties mainly made from black beans. It has a bit of a spicy kick to it!


-Veggie burger


-low-fat greek yogurt

-sweet potato fries


-olive oil or avocado oil

-curry powder




I popped those in the many aluminum trays I bought from Walmart along with the sweet potato fries from the Dollar Tree (Love that place). I, of course, glazed the tray with a little bit of Avocado Oil, first then added it all in.

The yellow you see on the veggie burger is curry powder. Up to you what you want to add but i figured it would be really good with the flavor. I put it in the oven on 350 degrees until fries were browning.

I then placed the burger on the bagel with a few pieces of kale. I added the fries and viola!

Joe taught me this great trick (if that is what you will call it) where you add low-fat greek yogurt to your fries, well to the side, AS A DIP! It is so good. I would highly recommend it.

I feel this is a great meal for lunch at work or at home. It is very filling though so maybe you should be home eating this 😀




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