DIY Leg Warmers!

This is something I’ve been making for years. I would go to this thrift store that had these crazy looking sweaters. There were only $.50 so I’d rack up and get the snipping. Now that it is getting chillier and rainy, these definitely help keep me warm especially at work because the office is freezing! It was time for a new pair anyway.







STEP ONE: It’s pretty simple. Take your sweater and lay it out evenly on a flat surface.


STEP TWO: Take your scissors and cut the sleeve off. Cut it where ever you wish.I cut mine near the under-arm just for length purposes.


STEP THREE: Let your cat lay on your sweater because there is obviously no where else to lay.


This is what they will look like. The part of the sleeve that is seamed or stitched is the part that will peak from your boots. It gives it a more finished look where as the other part that has been cut can hide in the boot!


The final results! See, you didn’t have to spend a bunch of unnecessary money on a accessory, AND….it’s very quick to make. Wear it with booties, combat boots, cow-girl boots, or riding boots. Pair that with a dress, leggings, jeggings or jeans. It keeps you warm and adds quality and character to any outfit.







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