Boyfriend Does My Make Up Challenge

While sipping on wine, my bf Joe makes me look like a fool on the internet by attempting to do my make-up. Oh, and my cat won’t look at me anymore. Think I scared him away. If you want to be scared away too, take a look at your own risk.

Delish Smores Bake|Enough for a party!

You guys…..this dessert was magical. I made it for thanksgiving but we were so full that we didn’t even eat this dish which means I got to enjoy it all to myself….. 😀   IT WAS A MAGICAL. And I want to show you how to make magic like I did in a short amount…

Zee Zoetic now on YOUTUBE

So I finally started my channel for youtube! I’ve been wanting to for a long time. Like a year….I bought a camera last year and everything smh. But finally, I decided it was now or never. No, I do not have the best editing, and my camera quality sucks once uploaded and idk but I…

DIY Phone Case!

Hiii everyone! I’m so sorry it has been FOREVER since I last posted and I’ve missed it very much. I was just caught up in other projects such as my new Youtube Channel! I’ve been preparing for that, I turned a room into a brand new office which I will show pix of very soon….