DIY Phone Case!

Hiii everyone! I’m so sorry it has been FOREVER since I last posted and I’ve missed it very much. I was just caught up in other projects such as my new Youtube Channel! I’ve been preparing for that, I turned a room into a brand new office which I will show pix of very soon. After doing that I was like hmmm….My room needs a new makeover. It was so cluttered and I wanted a nice space for Joe, my cat and I so I’m in the process of doing that. I also have a knee surgery coming up so that will soon be a set-back. Oh and one more excuse, Christmas shopping and so on. I’ve been pinning on Pinterest for ages which gave me the idea to do some DIY gifts for Joe’s nieces and nephews. One of the DIY’s I came up with is a Phone case and it was so inexpensive! I literally paid like $2-$3 to do this. I’ll get right to it.

YOU WILL NEED: – Plain phone case, preferably not textured so the stickers can grip the phone case properly. You can find them at your local dollar store. I got mine for free off craigslist.

-Tattoo Stickers (I’m not sure of the proper term but I will show a pic below.

-Spray paint of your choice. You can find them for $.98 at Walmart


STEP ONE: Lay your phone case outside on some newspaper and be sure to wear something you do not care about. You might catch a spray paint mist. Let it dry for about an hour or less. Spray paint about 1 ft above the case so it it looks airbrushed. Look at the pic below.


STEP TWO: Take your stickers and cut out the ones you want. I actually cut them all out because I wanted to play with the different combinations by laying it on the case. The stickers are below. I got them for $1!15555199_1297964793597043_849964544_o

STEP THREE: After you’ve found out what sticker combo you’re using, follow the directs on the back to show how you will stick the stickers on the case. It is basically the same rules as a temporary tattoo. Flip the sticker over, place a wet cloth on it for a minute or two then peel it off.


And there is the final result! Cute, right? I loved the different options and the ombre look. I had a lot of fun! I wanted to keep making more which I probably will for Joe. I’ll put hearts on his phone and everything 😉


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