Delish Smores Bake|Enough for a party!

You guys…..this dessert was magical. I made it for thanksgiving but we were so full that we didn’t even eat this dish which means I got to enjoy it all to myself….. 😀


IT WAS A MAGICAL. And I want to show you how to make magic like I did in a short amount of time. Are you ready???????? Everything I bought was from the Dollar Tree so it was $1 each. Total: $7-$8 and serves around 14 people, at most.


-Graham Crackers

-Jumbo Marshmallows (I used regular ones so I bought 2. $1 each)

-4 Hershey chocolate candy bars. 2 cookies and cream, 2 milk chocolate.

-Tin Tray



STEP ONE: Take your tray and lay the graham crackers as best as you can in the tray. This is the first layer, obvs. lol

STEP TWO: Take your chocolates and break them up. Arrange them anyway you’d like. I tried to spread mine out as evenly as possible and mixing up the different chocolate flavors.

STEP THREE: Add the marshmallows! It looks a mess here, but I ended up standing them up and making them as even as possible. You really don’t have to but if you have the patience as I did (Because I had no choice. I had to wait for all the thanksgiving food to be done lol) you can do so.

STEP FOUR: Add graham crackers on top as the fourth layer!


STEP FIVE: Add marshmallows on part and this time stand them up neatly as shown above.

STEP SIX: Place your tray in the oven at 350 degrees until top marshmallows is golden brown. See picture below.


It looked even better in person. Sorry the picture is crooked. I have no idea what happened to my best shot but look at the golden brown goodness. It had my whole kitchen smelling magnificent and I didn’t even have to sit out in the cold to make it. 😀

WARNING: The marshmallows will sink at some point. Like maybe 30 mins in but that’s okay, it’ll be pretty and tasty anyway. It’s gooey, sweet, crunchy and hits all the right spots. I hope you try it, it only took me 10 mins to prepare (Because I was dancing and singing while making it).




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