The Accent Tag:NJ Edition

I did my first YouTube Collab! Joe and I decided to do the accent tag with Alicia Motley! We said a series of words and had to answer questions. You can search this up and compare our answers to others all around the world! Pretty cool :D

I got to do my first collab this week! It was pretty cool because she has wayyyyy more subscribers than me on YouTube. Her name is Alicia Motley, feel free to check her out!

So we decided on doing the accent tag! It’s a short list of words and questions we have to say and answer to see how different our lango is here compared to other parts of the world. You can literally type in accent tag in youtube and see people from all over the world participate.

It’s so cool because you get to see cool British slang, cool Egyptian Slang, cool Indian slang and so on. Joe, my boyfriend is from a different part of Jersey than I am so they speak a little differently. Honestly , we say MOST of the words the same, some are different. His family has a very strong Jersey accent. He did too at first, you can hear the occasional “yous” being said here and there when conversing with joe lol.

What I like about this video is that it is short. I need to try and make my videos short because it’s easier to edit and sadly, people don’t have the patience to watch a full video unless you’re famous. Anyways, check it out! Please feel free to comment, like and/or subscribe If you enjoyed it. I’d really appreciate the support and I’m starting a new schedule for the blog. Plenty of recipes coming since I can now stand and cook after the surgery! 😀


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