New Vlog up! Joe’s Surprise Karaoke Party, Snow Storms and St. Patty’s Day. Check it out if you feel like laughing

DIY Bleached T-SHIRT|Ombre

So Joe’s Birthday was the other day! I threw him a surprise birthday party at a Karaoke  spot with all his friends. If you want to see the footage of the hilarious night, click here ! Anywaysssss, so I bought him some gifts but I really wanted to make this shirt and I knew he’d…

Chicken Veggie dump Over Pita

Now this wasn’t supposed to be blogged but I was in the middle of doing a daily vlog for Youtube and decided why not blog it too lol. I had no idea what I was cooking when I went downstairs either. I was just going with the flow, chopping things up as the chicken cooked….

DIY-Home-made Gift Basket

This is going to be my new THING. I loved making this basket. It’s funny because when I get close friends gifts, I usually get them a bunch of things and throw it in a bag. It’ll be a few things that relate to a theme such as a clubbing kit and it’ll have nice…