DIY-Home-made Gift Basket

This is going to be my new THING. I loved making this basket. It’s funny because when I get close friends gifts, I usually get them a bunch of things and throw it in a bag. It’ll be a few things that relate to a theme such as a clubbing kit and it’ll have nice jewelry, makeup, shoe cushions for your heels, little shot bottles, etc. This theme for this basket was for a friend and it was all pretty random but they all had a purpose and I made sure to list them all in her B-day card and why it’s in there.


So here are the items that will be in the basket. We have the following:

-Wine from  Trader Joes (My favorite :D)

-A Little Mermaid mug because she loves Disney especially The Little Mermaid

-A Book because she said she gets bored at work lol

-Foot cushion inserts because her feet always hurt from being on her feet

-A cute little notebook with planner paper-clips. I wanted to introduce her to the planner world slowly but surely. lol (I made the paper-clips btw 😀 )

-A basket in one of her fav colors because I know she likes cute storage bins and such

-A shadow box which is so freaking cute! It has a clothes pin clipped on a string too

-Grapefruit scented body butter and body scrub (that is a long story lol)

-A cute bracelet because it’s cute

-Key-chains because they’re….cute. lol

Now I totally forgot to add the nail art to the basket later and I don’t know how I forgot. I don’t wear long nails too often so I wouldn’t need it but I can use it for my planner! lol


So I know this picture is blurry, I didn’t know at the time. You guys know I suck at this lol. But here are the planner paperclips that I’ve made. They match the notebook in a cute way. It’s cute decor and good for dividing your book into sections. It’s best for a planner but I actually plan to make her one soon. That’s a whole other blog post I’ll be doing soon.

DSCN1083So at this point all you do is place the items in the basket accordingly. This took me a few tries which is probably why I forgot to add the nail art to the basket. I had everything sprawled out on the floor. It was a HOT mess lol.

Once I finished that, I placed the whole thing in the plastic basket wrapping, took the gold decorative trimming and wrapped it around. I added the key-chain to that and taped the card to the basket.


Tada! Sometimes It’s just better to get little cute things that matter and have meaning then buying something that breaks the bank or some quick gift-card. Those things are nice, but I always enjoyed getting gifts like this because there was thought and meaning behind it. That’s better than any name-brand, expensive piece of jewelry, clothing, etc in my opinion. Hopefully the people I give these baskets to will appreciate that. I hope you guys try this, its really fun to plan out and make.



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