Chicken Veggie dump Over Pita

Now this wasn’t supposed to be blogged but I was in the middle of doing a daily vlog for Youtube and decided why not blog it too lol. I had no idea what I was cooking when I went downstairs either. I was just going with the flow, chopping things up as the chicken cooked. It was delicious but very filling. I only ate half of it.


So delicious that my cat, Khubra decided to show me some attention. He always does this when I have food -_-

Now you can pretty much make whatever concoction you want to add to the pita bread but here is what I did.


-1 slice of pita bread cut into 4 section

-String beans




-Boneless, chopped chicken

-Your choice of seasonings. I used pepper, garlic powder, tumeric, salt-free seasoning, paprika

-Grated parm cheese

Screenshot_2017-03-10-18-39-58-1 (1)

Now don’t mind this picture. I didn’t actually take a pic of the first step because I wasn’t supposed to blog this so I just took a pic of my ca footage from my vlog. Once that is edited I will be adding it to my “YouTube” tab. ANYWHO…

STEP ONE: Chop up your boneless chicken and season it until it is cooked.

STEP TWO: Add your veggies and sautee it until you’re satisfied. (String beans are optional)

STEP 3: Use aluminum or a tray and lightly oil it. I use avocado oil because it is best for you. Place your string beans on there (spread apart) and then add garlic powder (optional) and parm cheese. Pop in the oven on 400 for about 5 mins or so.

STEP 4: Take your sliced pita bread and drizzle a little bit of oil and then add some garlic powder and parm on it. Pop those in the oven along with the string beans. Put it on broil for as long as you’d like (depending on how brown you want everything).


STEP 5: Take your toasted pita bread and arrange it on your plate.

DSCN1129 (1)

STEP 6: Place the Parm-crusted string beans on top. Mine didn’t crust over enough to my liking but I was okay with that.

STEP 7: Dump the chicken and the rest of the veggies on top. Add some parm cheese and paprika and you’re all set!






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