DIY Bleached T-SHIRT|Ombre

So Joe’s Birthday was the other day! I threw him a surprise birthday party at a Karaoke  spot with all his friends. If you want to see the footage of the hilarious night, click here !

Anywaysssss, so I bought him some gifts but I really wanted to make this shirt and I knew he’d like it. I didn’t know how it would turn out but I actually ended up liking it and I plan to make so many new styles. This one is an Ombre look. Very simple and easy to do!




-Gloves (even though I didn’t wear it, you SHOULD)

-Spray bottle

-Black T-shirt


This is the T-shirt you would start with. I bought mine from Michael’s for $3.99 but you can download the app and get awesome coupons! Hang your shirt up or even better, lay it outside in the grass due to fumes. Put on those gloves, get your spray bottle with bleach and set it to “Spray” not “Stream”.


STEP ONE: Begin to spray from the bottom of the shirt and go up from there as far as you’d like. This will only be layer one. Wait 30 seconds and you’ll begin to see it change very quickly. You don’t want to over-do it because it can weaken the fabric. If you are afraid of this, add a little bit of water to your bottle.

STEP TWO: Turn the shirt around and do the same to the back if you want the back to match the front. Turn it over and repeat this step depending on how light you want it. The more you spray/more you wait, the lighter it will be. It’s okay if the shirt isn’t flattened, that is how you get that creased look.

STEP THREE: Rinse the bleached parts in water very thoroughly. This will stop the bleaching. After that, lay your shirt down and begin to cut the seams off on the sleeves, and hem. You can get creative with this.  You can cut the hem in many different angles and ways. All I did was cut a slit on each side just to keep it simple. Joe is a simple guy. Wash and dry alone and you’re done!

The results…


Joe paired the shirt very well and wore black skinny jeans and brown combat boots. It looked awesome. It’s one of my favorite outfits of his. Eventually I want to do one with cut outs and rips but that will be for me. Coming Soon 😀


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