Slow cook then Baked BBQ Chicken with Bacon

Slow-cooked Chicken…bacon bits, bourbon bbq, scallions. Yes, this is a real thing. I mades it 😀 I cooked it up for my friend, Victoria’s party. That was a HILARIOUS night. No like you don’t understand. Click here if you wanna see what happened.

It’s not a quick process but it’s super easy to do. Not much effort. I’m getting right into it. No time to waste lol


*Seasoning measurements* It’s a pinch or two of each. Light on the black pepper  and beer salt*

-Black Pepper

-Salt-Free Seasoning

-Sazon (Salt free)

-Orange Beer Salt (optional) and VERY LITTLE

-Garlic Powder

-Ginger Powder

-Dried Rosemary


-Olive Oil

Water-Crock pot


-Aluminum Tray

-Chicken of your choice

-BBQ (any kind)

-Bacon (Crunchy)



STEP ONE: Take your chicken (use white vinegar to clean it if need be) and put a few in your crock pot. Set the crock pot on high and start seasoning. Honestly you can use whatever seasoning you want. I used what I had. Take another set of chicken on top and season it again. Add water (a cup or so) and olive oil (Avocado oil is a healthier option). Let it cook on high for6-8 hours but be sure to check in on it, add some of the natural broth on the top layer.

STEP TWO: Once your chicken is falling off the bone, you’ll know it’s ready. Use your Tongs to check. It should look like pic 2 above. Begin to cook your bacon until it is crunchy.

STEP THREE: Take your aluminum tray and drizzle some olive in it. Add your chicken (with Tongs) and spread it out like above. (I added veggies for fun but this is optional. I added string beans and carrots then drizzled the natural broth on top for flavor.) Take your BBQ and spread it over the chicken. Add The bacon bits on top and put the tray in the oven on 300 for 10-20 mins. Once done add scallions and you are all set!



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