Chicken and Tofu Mason Jar Salads

So you know how you want to eat healthy but when you’re on the go, hungry, there is hardly an option to healthy eating? It’s so freaking annoying and if you do happen to find something healthy, it costs an arm and a leg! I’m over it. The key to that is meal-prepping for on-the-go adventures (like errands or picking up your cat from the groomers lol). One of the other options are meal replacement shakes but I’ll save that post for a later date 😉

Meal prepping in mason jars is not only trendy and Instagram worthy, but it’s super convenient! Even if you aren’t going anywhere and you just want something easy to take the hunger away before a full meal, this is the route to go.


-Mason jars (You can get over a dozen at your local Walmart for less than $10)

-Romaine Lettuce ( I buy these for $.99 at my local produce store. Darker the leaf, the better it is for you. Spinach is good too, or you can mix it all together)

-Tofu (I also purchased this at my local produce store for $2.99. “Extra firm” is easier to cook)

-Chicken (Lean meat is better. I buy boneless, skinless tenderloins from Walmart or Trader Joes for around $6.99-$7.99)

-Cherry Tomatoes

-Mushrooms (Totally optional. I just really like sauteed mushrooms)

-Seasoning of your choice (optional)


STEP ONE: Take your tofu and chicken and cook it up with whatever seasonings, flavor, etc. I have a dual-pot (Rachael Ray’s brand) so it’s a little easier. Some suggestions can be using marinating sauce, buffalo sauce, etc.

STEP TWO: Add your lettuce and tomatoes to the mason jar. Lettuce first is what I prefer and then the tomatoes.

STEP THREE: Add your extra ingredients of choice. Mushrooms, cranberries, corn, whatever you want. Get creative. This particular one is just a simple recipe.

Add your chicken in some mason jars, your tofu in others or mix them both if that is what you’re into and you’re done!

Sorry, this picture is very blurry but the steam coming from the chicken and tofu is mouth-watering!

Store this in the fridge WITHOUT dressing because you don’t want everything to get soggy. Salads that are sealed last a long time. I put about 7 jars in the fridge and I grab and go when I’m home and need a snack or on the go. Or I have it for dinner with a yogurt and granola bar with a bottle of water. Very satisfying, very refreshing for summer, and it beats a burger from the dollar menu that you will regret, later on.

Look at that! Makes you want a salad now, doesn’t it lol


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