Low Cal Strawberry Shortcake desert

It’s so hard watching calories 24/7. IM TIRED OF IT! So thanks to some intense research (Hey, Pinterest!) I found an alternative for ice cream. Besides Yo plait yogurt, this will do the trick. It’s EASY and its under 150 calories!


-Graham crackers (Not the one with the sugar and cinnamon, you guys! Behave lol)

-Whip cream or cool-whip


-Saran wrap


STEP ONE: Lay out your graham crackers (make sure they are split in half)

STEP TWO: Add a dollop of whip cream or cool whip then a sliced strawberry on top. Put the second graham cracker on top and you’re good! You can eat them this way and it will be just as satisfying.

STEP THREE: Wrap in saran wrap and put it in the freezer. You can also just use the whip cream or cool whip and no strawberry or add kiwi. If you use just the Whip cream or cool whip, you can add cocoa powder on top, cinnamon, etc.

You all will learn to love my terrible pictures lol






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  1. Jasmine - The Crowning Glory 👑 says:

    Mystery Blogger Award! https://wp.me/p8ysKr-gL

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    1. Zee Zoetic says:

      Thank you!

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