Trinkets & Treasures Pt. 1

Part 1 of the new Zee Zoetic series, Trinkets & Treasures. All the cool things found for free or thrifted for DIY projects, etc.

Hi! Remember me? I used to blog consistently (not really) and then all of a sudden disappeared? Well Fall is officially tomorrow so I’m back lol.

No but seriously, It just came to me that I can do a series with all the free trinkets and things I find. I always check out Craigslist for the free curb alerts or cool things on the side of the road (that look safe to touch of course) that I can do cool DIY projects with, etc.

So today I was driving around with my mom and my boyfriend and my mom told me she saw some cool things on the side of the road right down the street from us. I noticed them but I didn’t stop. Joe was already annoyed with me for making him pick up ply-wood on the side of the road. I’ll figure out what to really do with all of it later lol

But like my mom who makes abrupt stops on the side of the road to pick cool things up, we saw this cute end table and this cute basket along with a little vacuum cleaner. I really needed it too since our cat, Khubra has been shedding all over the bed. -______-


The basket/trunk is made of wicker and has this Autumn charm to it. Right up my alley, of course 😀 and well free is also up my alley as well. So we jumped out the car and grabbed it. Now that it’s in the house, I can’t stop looking at it. One reason is because where the heck am I putting it and also there are so many options? At first I thought it was a picnic basket but then I realized it’s a trunk! So cute. You don’t see them look exactly like this, often.

21908608_1573222719404581_901700931_o (1)

I began to look at my options through the Holy Grail of DIY’s (Pinterest) and see what will inspire me. There were some really cool ideas. At first I thought of some outdoor decor but I don’t want the weather ruining it. I don’t have a porch with a roof covering it so it would get ruined with all this rain we have been getting. Then I saw this….

Click the Picture above for the original post it was found at


I love the idea of color blocking on wicker. I am more than likely doing this. I would most likely paint it with white (with gold?) because no matter what I do, it’ll most likely match just about everything. This is just the beginning as far as a little makeover which I will update and either insert in this post, later or I will make a new post for it(more than likely the later).

Here is another post that caught my eye…

Click the Picture above for the original post it was found at




Now I have no where to really do this set up unless I were to make some major changes but I’m sure if I think hard enough, I could find it. I could place the old books I have on a table I’m sure I can find in our family stash in the basement along with the antique door I kept (Don’t ask) and give a room a more rustic look. Love this. I also kept some wine bottles so I could do that or go buy a big bottle of Carlo Rossi instead 😀

The last one that caught my eye was this one…

Click the Picture above for the original post it was found at


Yet another set up I love but have no idea where I am doing this. This whole look fits the aesthetic of our room but because of our cat’s sole purpose in life (ruining our belongings) I’m not sure I can complete this look but I am considering it. And It’s extra storage space and that’s always needed. My hamper is wicker, I could color block them both with white like I mentioned in the first post. OMG. Boom. Just figured it out lol.


Either way, whatever I choose, I’ll be sure to show you guys. Maybe I’ll put it next to a plate of food since you guys seem to love my food posts more than anything else lol.

I miss blogging. I have been freelance blogging for Fashion websites but it’s so much better blogging on your own terms. I’ll do better, promise. 😀

Until Next Time ❤

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