Fall Fever Part 1|I’m Back!


It has been literally years…….but I am back..! 😀

I appreciate you guys sticking around. There will be a lot of changes coming to this blog so stay tuned for that! A little update: I lost weight going Keto originally and now I’m just low carb-ISH (245lbs-184lbs). Also Joe (my boyfriend-see featured) and I moved to Pennsylvania a year ago. I’ve always wanted to try it out since it wasn’t too far from my home in Jersey but also because I love fall (and not because it’s my birthday season lol). Pennsylvania is known for it’s scenic landscape with colorful trees, cottages and farms. Just driving to Walmart is scenic. lol

Now that it’s about that time to get into Autumn spirit, I figured I’d share with you a few of my binge purchases to help me get into that Fall-y, Hocus Pocus-y, Salted Caramel Pumpkin Spice Latte-y feel. 😉

This is probably going to be a series on this blog as most people know I’m OBSESSED with everything Autumn, especially my Pumpkin Spice.

Sparkling Pumpkin Spice Cider- Under $3

Yall, Joe and I walked into the new Aldi’s in our area for FOUR ITEMS and walked out with a cart full and a $75 receipt in our hands. But that’s okay because my pantry is STACKED (Side note, I need to organize it now so that will be coming soon along with a video. Stay tuned :D) with goodies. Red lobster has been a problem so I’m trying not to order out.

Anyway, while exploring the new location, we came across this randomly. I asked no questions; I saw a pumpkin and I grabbed two lol. It’s not bad, I paid under $3 for each so that’s cool. I like to mix it with white wine because I’m extra. 😀 I wish it had more spice to it though.

Meyer’s Multi-Surface Clean and Dish Soap- Each under $5 at Target

I honestly don’t like target. I don’t usually have great experiences with them and the prices are a tad TOO much when a Walmart exists. I don’t care how annoying the lines are. Saving money is worth it to me. lol

BUT……I was feeling too lazy to take that scenic drive to our nearest Walmart so I opted for Target (plus they sell these amazing bra’s that convert to a strapless) to get a few things. Well honestly, I was picking up DVDs? That is for a later post lol but as I was heading to the register, I stopped and saw these. I read the scents and grabbed it. I actually saw the spray first and went back to get more DVDs and well, more spray lol I need help.

They smell really good. Like really good. I didn’t get the chance to use the dish soap yet but I did get to smell it and instantly grabbed it. The spray goes a tad quick for my liking but if you clean with regular cleaner or dish soap, whatever you use, and then wipe down with this to finish up, it makes the room smell amazing. I’d recommend this if you’re a big fan of this season like I am. Both items are under $5 at Target.

Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese and Reese’s Whip Cream- Both under $4 at Aldi’s and Redner’s

So these two Joe actually came across. The pumpkin Spice Cream cheese spread is from Aldi’s and under $3. It’s pretty good, if you’re a fan of this flavor then you will like this. It def has that spice that I wanted in the Sparkling Cider and it doesn’t taste super artificial. You can use this with not only bagels but certain cookies, crackers, pumpkin chips? (yes they exist lol) and whatever other creative ways. Maybe as a filling for a pumpkin muffin?

Joe is a HUGE Reese’s fan so it wasn’t surprising to find this in the cart, later. It isn’t sweet at all though. I was expecting that typical sweetness the average whip cream has but this actually tastes more like peanut butter. A little chocolate too but it seems to be more flavor and less sweetness? We like it with hot chocolate or coffee in the morning (brunch) if we’re feeling special. 😀 This was under $4 at Redner’s. I’m sure it can be found elsewhere like Walmart or your local grocery store.

I realize now as I’m typing this that if I keep going, this post will be longer than I planned lol. Stay tuned for part 2 where we switch things up a bit including some cool additions to our fall wardrobe.

With Love,

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