Outfit Of The Night |Look 1|Chris Brown After Party #zzlooks

Heyyyyyy you guyyyys !!!!!!!!

So I was given a great business opportunity from my uncle which came with a couple perks. Perks like attending Chris Brown’s after party in VIP or free tickets to his concert (we missed the local one). Even though Rihanna is life, I was still wondering omg what am I going to wear though?? I don’t go anywhere this nice anymore, I don’t get invited anywhere, what do I do? lol.

How does one dress trendy for a night at the CLURB (yes, clurb) and still look classy? I didn’t want to look out of place and I didn’t want to spend when I had a closet of Fashion Nova clothes I had no business ordering.

Here is what I put together starting with (for me) the base of the outfit: The Dress.

Black Bodycon Dress – $5 Mandee

The goal was to find a dress nice but simple enough to go under my duster. I knew black was my safe space and since I was super bloated that week, that was def the way to go to hide all me nooks n’ crannies.

I actually found it at a Mandee at the mall. From my understanding, Mandee is now a $10 and under store? Usually means everything is $5-$10 but there were some cheap gems in there. The way this dress feels is super stretchy and comfortable. Can’t beat $5 either. I kept looking before I settled and I’m glad I did because I would have ended up spending way way WAAAY more.

Ease Up Snake Print Duster – Fashion Nova NOW$39.99

I couldn’t get a good picture of the duster but here is what it looks like on the Fashion Nova site. See how the black brings out the print but its not too much? I actually paid $50.00 for the duster but its $40.00 now!

This is so comfortable too and makes me feel tall. I’ve always worn dusters for years as a go-to. It dresses things up with minimal effort. 😉

But then we needed shoes…..

The thing with me and shoes is I can’t wear heels because I’m actually disabled in my right knee. It’s hard to do a lot so I KNEW heels weren’t an option for a night in NY (even though I bought the heels in the pic above in nude lol just sitting there collecting dust). I went on the hunt to find the right shoes and came across these at Burlington Coat factory.

Snake Print Gladiator sandals (Short) – Burlington Coat Factory – $9.99 (roughly)

Now you know as soon as I saw the price, I threw them in the cart. $9.99? Can’t beat that and how crazy is it that it matches the duster so well? The only thing is that this style isn’t the best look on me in my opinion. I had to text my sister to ask her if she would take them just in case I didn’t like them with the outfit because it was on clearance.

Once I tried them on, I decided I would keep them for the comfort alone. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. It was like walking on memory foam…..kinda…lol. I actually had to look up the duster on the website and try to compare colors but once I saw it at home I was good.

Faux Animal Skin Clutch – TJ Maxx – $19.99

The accessories are the fun part, especially the hand bags and clutches! I saw this at TJ Maxx while looking for my new fall handbag and grabbed it as a definite because of the price. I Couldn’t believe it was only $19.99 and it’s crazy because I ALWAYS forget this part when I go somewhere a little more dressed up; The bag. I don’t own many clutches but I have plenty of big hand bags lol. I didn’t want to carry much at all so this was a great option due to the strap being long. It’s super spacious too. I was able to hold my phone and some makeup, a mini Versace perfume and my cards. The jewel on top was a cute touch but I was a little meh about it because I like my hardware and jewelry to match color-wise but it ended up working out well.

Necklace, Grill, Hoop Earrings, Watch, Bangles – Gifts and Various Locations

I mix and match costume jewelry and real jewelry. Does anyone else do that? lol as long as it matches, I’m good. The necklace ( Far left) was a gift I received for Christmas a few years ago. It’s one of my favorite necklaces and I don’t wear it often so I made sure I took the opportunity to do so. The Grill is from Johnny Dang and Co. which is where Houston rapper Paul Wall makes his grillz. I don’t wear it too often because it’s a bold statement for me but isn’t it cute? It’s inspired by the grillz Beyonce and the supermodels had on in the video Yonce.

The watch I found derping around CVS in the makeup section knowing I don’t need anymore makeup. Since this recent outfit search, i’ve earned quite the eye for snake print. I can spot it a mile away and that is exactly how this happened. I snagged it once I saw it was $9.99 because I already knew it would match. The silver double-hoops are Guess for $5.99? I’m not sure but I got them on sale. The bangles were from a Bebe watch set I own but the watch is Rose gold so It wasn’t an option in my opinion.

W Hotel Time Square NY

This is the finishing look. Sorry the shoes are cut off in the photo. Photography mistake lol but you get the gist. I was comfortable all night. It was a little hard getting out of a SUV once we arrived there but I had my handy- dandy duster to help. That night was quite an experience I’ve never had before and I’m so blessed for this opportunity….and this outfit.

My makeup look wasn’t what I was going for but it looks nice I suppose lol. I was in a rush and had my grandmother staying over as well with us. I used Fenty 🙂 , Tacha, Nars, LA Girl Pro Concealer, and some random drug store products for lip gloss and an eyebrow pencil.

The look I was going for was achieved. I was comfortable, I didn’t spend a ton and I got to sit most of the night so my knee wasn’t too swollen haha. It was overall a great night and I can’t wait to get dressed up again. I’ll be sure to share.

Thanks for reading ❤

With Love,

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