Fall Fever Part 3| Candy, Tornados and Strobe Lights

Hello all, I hope you had a Great/Safe Halloween! I stayed in this year as I mentioned in my last post. It was my sister, my boyfriend and the family Dog, Cairo with us. We had all these ideas for costumes but because we were chilling at home to catch up with the latest WWE PPV event, we decided it wasn’t that deep. We got some terrible Jason masks at dollar tree but ended up going another route…. 😀

Since my blogging schedule has been a tad off and lacking in this series for Halloween content, I figured why not just post it anyway. It may help for next year or for anyone still celebrating Halloween. I know a place where they called it Halloweek for a reason lol.

Literally one child came to the door for candy because we later received a Tornado warning. Apparently Halloween was cancelled in some towns. Was that the case for you too? Anyway, its okay because we didn’t have to feel bad digging in the Cauldron which held up nicely by the way.

Skull Cauldron with Skeleton Hand and Candy

Sorry for the poor quality. I didn’t even realize but here it is! lol It was perfect because we didn’t get any other kiddies anyway so not too much money was spent. We made sure we said trick or treat before grabbing 2 or 3 pieces of candy out of the cauldron lol.

Voodoo “Altar” Last minute Halloween Decor

Here is the altar I was speaking of in my last post. See the DIY Sour jar on the right? We also had some black mesh hanging randomly where the light was and more “Enter if you dare!” tape. Just kept it simple and classroom appropriate like I mentioned lol. It was pretty simply but it looked really cool with the strobe lights. We also used the lights that faded into different Halloween/Fall Colors. It’s minimal effort for any kind of decor if you can associate a color to the Holiday. Christmas can be red or green, Valentine’s Day can be red or pink, etc.

Or you can throw a random “dance” party to Sandstorm with Strobe lights…

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We're keeping the candy.

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Yeah I was sweating with that mannequin and sweater on. That was NOT the plan with our outfits lol except Neriah and Cairo with their onesies.

Now that November is here, it’s time to start prepping for Thanksgiving!!!!! But that means having to really watch what you eat especially us after all the candy we ate smh we were children for the day lol. Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing some low-carb meals I made that could be a great alternative to side dishes for thanksgiving.

I think we can finally say it now….


With Love,

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