A bit of an update…I know I know…

Hello hello there,

I know I said I’d be more consistent but I was honestly just uninspired. I didn’t feel like doing much blogging because I felt like whatever I’d type, it would sound forced because well…I just didn’t feel like blogging. I think I need to just keep it simple and stop over thinking it. Just ramble if I want to ramble. It’s my blog, I pay for it lol.

This is a hobby for me so I was okay with taking a random hiatus. I needed it. I probably still do lol. But at this moment as I was doing some research for my uncle, I felt compelled to be on my blog because it’s so stinking cute and its mine 😀

Soo much has happened that I’m going to have to do a round of blog posts catching you up. I didn’t even get to tell you about my birthday in Salem did I? Smh I’m buggin’ lol but that’s ok because I’ll get to that as a little 2019 recap in the year 2020.

Oh yeah…..

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! I hope you spent it well. I stayed in with Joe and Cairo and it was just perfect. It was exactly how I wanted to spend my New Year. We cleaned , I took my braids out, set intentions at my altar and Joe helped me wash my hair because he’s perfect lol. We ate well and watched everyone piss themselves cold in NYC just how I like to spend my new year’s eve. Plus having your 4b natural hair detangled, washed AND conditioned for the New Year is everything. I felt like a new person (let’s excuse the fact that we took a nap so we can stay up for midnight smh).

Oh yeah…..I also moved. THANK F*CKING GAWD! I really can’t even get into it but I broke my lease and dipped out of there so damn fast. That state just isn’t my speed, I’m sorry lol. We’re out of there and It feels right, plus Cairo was FREE at this new place. I was seeing so many angel numbers for new beginnings, I began manifesting like crazy to move out of there. I’m talking goddess baths(showers), candles and alters all over, and lots of visualization. I looked and found my place in a week.

Alexa, play “New Apartment” by Ari Lennox on REPEAT

Oooh I have to tell you in a later post what Joe and I went through picking this darn place. It was awesome though because once we picked, I got to come back from a business trip (although it would be hard to believe lol) in Miami for Art Basel then I had 4 days to pack up and “GIT OUT!”

We’re still unpacking and such because we had to do the move in the cold and we were sick plus I can’t do much with my bad knee so it was a nightmare but luckily we had Joe’s brother’s help because we were out there until 1am.

Anywhoozle, just wanted to stop by and say hello, I’m alive and well and I’ll be back soon.

With Love,

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