My Basic Travel Essentials| Budget Friendly

Helloo! How have you been?

I know I’ve been doing typical me and not being consistent but due to that being the case, I ended up with lots of exclusive content to share here with you. Also, you may have noticed the theme switch-up on here. I do that often and I’m okay with that. It evolves like I do. 😉

I’ve added new categories specific to Fashion, Health, Travel, Spiritual and Journal. I have a lot coming up in regards to that that I think you’ll benefit from, hopefully. 😀

But anywho, let’s get to the topic at hand here: Travel. I’ve been doing a lot of it lately (especially for me with my injuries). It started with Salem, then Miami, then Miami again, next ATL in a few days, then a few more depending on how I am feeling but definitely Miami later and I’ll explain the dope news on that later on!I noticed that there were things I NEEDED to keep with me in order to feel comfortable and prepared being far from home (I get very anxious at times in these situations). These are SOME of my essentials in a list so it’s easy for you to check it off as well!

Some of the Essentials I Travel with that I mention below


– EDGE CONTROL (Travel Size) – Because we know as black women, it’s usually a necessity lol. I purchased mine at a beauty supply store. STYLE FACTOR Edge Control is my absolute FAVORITE. It damn near gives me a face lift! lol If you don’t need it, I’d recommend hair spray or dry shampoo. All can be found travel sized at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Grocery Stores, etc.

– EMERGEN-C/ EMERGEN-ZZZZZ – Great for keeping your immune system up or to help with a common cold or flu. That’s very important to keep on top of while traveling, especially in different climates or interacting with many people in one space. I’d pick up Airbourn too and a mask for this Corona Virus The Emergen-zzzz has melatonin in it and is for night time when you can’t sleep. It’s great for long flights too!

TRAVEL TOOTH BRUSH/PASTE – That is a no-brainer. If you have a cover for your at-home brush then that works too if you prefer. I just prefer it for sanitary reasons. The travel size toothpaste is a given and usually comes with a travel brush and cover. I purchased ours at Dollar Tree and paid $2 total.

PERFUME (Travel Sized) – You want to smell good right? Especially if you’re going out. I’m usually at a club and it isn’t smoke free plus all the hookah? So what I do is I add some to the tips of my hair (when I wear my hair down or in a pony tail) because when you walk by, the sent follows and surrounds you. It isn’t on your skin, directly which is cool too. This works best if this isn’t your hair lol but I learned this trick from a professional who’s clientele had fine hair so it maybe okay? Just condition lol.

PAIN KILLERS/BENEDRYL – I have to keep Asprin or Advil on me often, especially when I travel because my knee swells, back hurts, etc. It doesn’t really do much but it helps ease it sometimes. That or drinking lol. Benedryl helps if you have an allergic reaction to something. It only buys time, briefly and I’d highly recommend seeing a specialist if such an issue occurs. Pain killers and allergy meds; I’d recommend this for everyone because you never know. Especially for women if it is that time of the month.

PADS/PANTY LINERS – I’m sure I don’t have to tell most women this but it’s definitely good to have. Even if you have birth control and don’t get the visit from flow, bring liners anyway. You don’t want to be in a situation where you need it and it could’ve been slipped in your clutch/bag while you’re out on business, etc. Stress brings flow back btw, so if you know you may be stressed on the trip , even good stress (being hype af lol) then id’ bring it. This is a good combo with the Pain Killers. 😉

SELF PACKAGED BODY WASH etc. – You know those empty, transparent bottles that come in a 3 or 4 pack? You put your own products in it for travel because it fits the standard TSA requirements. Those are so slept on! I got mine at Dollar Tree and it came 4 in a pack. I put my scented body washes in a few, Lotion and Baby oil mixed in another and hair sheen oil from Proclaim (this also helps with removing or blocking out bad scents. It smells amazing omg) and I’m set to go. I just pack multiple if I’m traveling with Joe which I usually am. SAVE THE MONEY, PACK YOUR OWN THINGS if you can and check your airline requirements to make sure you have the right measurements.

SAGE|TAROT|INCENSE – I’m an empath and I need to make sure that I can cleanse and separate the energy I encounter with many people a day. As Omarion says, “Start from the crown and work your way down,” with the sage. I like to bring my Tarot now to ask Spirit for guidance when I need it. Most of the trips I take are work-related and I come across a lot of….characters so I make sure I connect with divine to be sure I’m on the right track. It’s also just a good way to connect to Them and your Higher Self by doing Tarot or pulling from an Oracle deck, runes, whichever. I made runes for my uncle and brought that along with Obsidian and everything else lol I don’t play that. I also bring incense because hotels smell to me. My grandmother also told me it helps to kill certain germs and bacteria if you burn the right kinds. I love copal. Double points if you score Sage Incense so you’re killing two birds with one stone although I recommend a regular one too because people mistake sage for weed, apparently lol. Add a crystal or amulet for protection and manifestation and you’ve got yourself a spiritual kit. I say manifestation because the best time to manifest is what you vibrate higher. If this is a pleasant trip, this is when you can do it and generate a stronger energy to put out there.

Notes From The Universe on Love & Connection is my favorite deck to travel with

JEANS|JACKET|SANDALS|DRESS – If you’re going somewhere slightly warm or warm, sandals are key. They’re also great as slippers in your hotel if they don’t provide any or if you’re staying elsewhere. Jeans are easy to pair with anything. I have a habit of leaving out outfits because my mood changed lol so a nice pair of ripped American Eagle jeans does the trick (They’re thick thigh friendly). T-shirt by day and sexy, lacey blouse by night. Or whatever you prefer. They’re also great to have if you end up by the water and it gets chilly. Dresses are important too because it’s an easy throw on. You made it look like you put the effort in but you did minimal effort. I found this one for my ATL trip. It’s stretchy and cost me $10. Can’t beat that and it’s great for a casual day or a day party. It also goes well with my jacket lol.

The jacket plays a huge part in that as well. For Art Basel Miami 2019, I NEEDED that. My uncle warned me but I didn’t listen. I went and grabbed the first faux fur jacket (love my faux fur) in rainbow for $15 bucks and now it’s my Go-To. You just never know, Mother Nature is unpredictable at times. (Swipe below to see Jacket)

See 2nd Picture for Jacket| $14.99 Rainbow Shops

BOOK|MP4|TABLET – If you’re traveling for long, you probably won’t have free wifi or great service for a number of hours. I always keep a book with me or my kindle. And yes, I said MP4. Remember those? lol. Listen, you don’t want to pay $20+ for wifi on a flight or use their boring entertainment. Sometimes you want what you want and you don’t want to pay extra for something temporary but needed. I bought a cheap MP3 player for $35 on amazon and I added the music I have on it. If you don’t mind having the music on your phone or you have it on there already (I don’t to save space) then I’d be sure to bring wireless headphones. Actually add that to the list. WIRELESS HEADPHONES. It even helps block out noises like turbulence a little if you have large ones. Long story-short; Bring your own entertainment so you are stress free and saving money.

These are just some of the things I’m now learning I do better with when I’m traveling. I’m sure it will change but for now this works for me. Hopefully this helps you with yours. What do you usually travel with? What’s an essential I haven’t mentioned? Let us all know down below in the comments.

Happy Travels!

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