8 LAST MINUTE-Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas|Unconventional-ish

Happy Valentine’s Day love birds!

How are you celebrating? Are you planning to attend an event, a Baecation, a Galentines day event? Or maybe you’re chilling at home enjoying some YOU time because the best love is the love for yourself. 🙂

Or maybe you don’t have anything planned because you procrastinate like me lol. But not this time…kinda. I have my plans but I do have some ideas I feel can help on a budget and in a crunch. Ideas for friends, for family, for your partner and for yourself. Men, this may help you a lot. 😉

1. INDOOR PICNIC – This idea is cuter than you’d think and you probably have most of it right in your home. Get a nice blanket to place on the floor in front of a TV maybe or fireplace (TV Fireplace on Netflix is cool too), add nice decorative pillows around for coziness, light candles (BE SAFE) around the room and put on your favorite movie or your favorite song/record. Prepare a nice meal or a platter. You can make pasta with bread, grapes, a cheese platter with crackers and wine, you can order pizza if that’s cool and a bunch of junk food. Exchange gifts if there are any and create memories because that is what it’s about. Trust me, it sets a mood, it’s intimate and creates a comfortable environment because you’re home. It’s also good because no lousy lines. reservations or expensive ubers to take. Play games, do whatever. If the floor is not an option like it usually isn’t for me, a candle-lit dinner at the table is perfect too.


2. DINE IN MOVIE: If you have a Dine-In movie theatre near by like an AMC Theatre then this is a great idea too. You get to relax in comfortable, luxurious recliners and be served food during a movie. It can add up depending on what you eat but it’s a dinner and a movie. You can follow that up at a cool bar you’ve never been to or a nice intimate walk if the weather permits it.

3. PALENTINES DAY PARTY- I just made that up lol but I have done this before when I was a teenager and I still think it’s a great idea. I’m going to tweak it a bit though. Head to the Dollar Tree or any dollar store and gather Pink and Red Balloons, streamers and party favors. Depending on the guest list, I’d assume you’d spend around $20 bucks at most. Pick up cookie mix from Dollar Tree (Betty Crocker) and make your party favors! Grab a bag of chips, some dip and fruits. I won’t get into too much detail with the foods but you can also order a pizza and slice it bite-sized for the snack table. Play music and a great friend-like movie like The Hangover, Bridesmaids, Girls Trip, etc. Play music, Cards Against Humanity or Heads Up (app store) . Another cool idea is a DIY photo backdrop up against a wall with some of the streamers and balloons you bought. Have your friends take pix holding a cool sign with the party title on it. Change the movie/show and you can make this a family event. I bet you you’ll have the best inside jokes to laugh at later!

4. EXPLORE: Create an adventure by picking out a town or city you’ve always wanted to visit that isn’t too far away. Head there and walk around exploring and taking pictures. You can do this alone or with a loved one, family or friends. After exploring and walking into stores, parks, etc. (maybe with hot coco to keep you warm) try to find the nearest diner and order something you wouldn’t usually order. It creates something new for the both of you and it’s a memory you can tie to each other; you tried and explored something new together. You can make an album from all the pictures taken for the following holiday gift.

5. HIKE: Hiking is a great source of grounding oneself and exercise. Hike with your partner or friend, loved one or alone and think about/talk about all the happy memories you’ve already made or want to make with each other. Reach a clearing and have a simple picnic. You can bring fake LED candles that flicker from Walmart, Dollar Tree or any craft stores to create an ambiance. Play some music on low and you’ve got yourself an affordable, healthy V-Day Date.

6. STAY AT HOME SPA: This can be done in a hotel If it’s in your budget or at home. You can do this alone, with your partner, etc. All you need is a face mask, something to soak your feet in and possibly coconut oil for a massage. All of these materials can be purchased at any of the stores I mentioned previously. Take an essential oil, Epsom salt, rose petals (rose oil is recommended) and add it to your foot soaker (you can purchase a pretty, large bowl specifically for this) as well. Put on a face mask, have a glass of wine or whichever beverage you prefer, play calming music softly with no phones and spend quality time together. Have a platter ready to share because sharing creates intimacy. Candles always helps so have those ready as well and maybe a movie to watch later that keeps a romantic mood going or whichever mood you’re trying to set.

7. COOK TOGETHER: This is also a good one for family, friends or your partner. Find a recipe that you’ve never tried or never made and get the ingredients to make it! Desert included, this is a fun activity to test limits, learn together and create fun memories. Dim the lights, add candles and wine, chocolates to snack on and follow cooking instructions to a T. When the meal is complete, you can enjoy it with a nice audiobook that keeps a romantic mood or binge a show together.

Indian Inspired Platter-Check this category for the recipe

8. ATTEND A LOCAL PLAY/EVENT: Local plays and events usually don’t cost much for entry. I’d recommend checking out Eventbrite for options in your area. It’s cool to see what is right in your backyard and supporting others, but also it will most likely be V-day related which keeps the theme going. Sometimes those events (check Groupon) has packages that comes with drinks and a meal. Nothing wrong with Groupon people, just don’t broadcast it to the world as you’re doing it because it is tacky. If not, have a romantic dinner prepped at home for a candle-lit dinner. Baked chicken, rice and veggies with a store bought pie/cheese cake and ice cream is an easy one. Easy to cook, affordable and most will enjoy it. You can get creative with flavors. I made baked Hawaiian chicken with pineapples and jerk marinade and it was one of the best, easiest meals I’ve ever made. Low carb too!

These are some quick, affordable, non-traditional ways of celebrating Valentines Day. Remember not to celebrate for a flex but to spend time with the ones you love and care about and remind yourself why they matter and that includes yourself.

With Love,

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