Miami Superbowl LIV Week| It was crazy!

Hi there,

I’m SUPER late with this because Superbowl LIV in Miami was like a week and change or 2 weeks ago? It feels that way anyway.

Joe and I have been to the Mijami (that’s what we call it) before for Art Basel which I will talk about soon and that was CRAZY too. The stories we have, you wouldn’t believe and we never expected it.

I go there for work, I’m not just there to have a good time although it is hard not to. If I didn’t have the accommodations I had because this is my uncle’s business, I’d have a hard time dealing with pain for my knee so it that was a blessing too.

First off, let me start off by saying I went THROUGH IT trying to get this apartment for the week (they do apartments out in Miami as hotels a lot. Like Airbnb) because of the week it was. I knew to book sooner but that’s a long story lol. I was up at 6am booking this room and the customer service was awful. They wouldn’t hold our luggage or let us check in early like most places do out there during events so we had to stay at the airport for 7 hours. We were good, we had our Travel Essentials I spoke about in my previous blog post which means headphones and Netflix lol.

We’re sitting there just watching ‘End Of The F***king World’ and next thing we hear is cheering. There’s a huge camera crew (I think CBS?) with a bunch of people with party accessories shouting “WELCOME TO MIAMI!” to everyone boarding off the plane. They did not do this for us because we got in at 9am lol. That wouldn’t have been cool but it was cute. There was a huge set up for pictures that advertised the SuperBowl being LIVE.

Dan Marino walks in all of a sudden and is giving away superbowl tickets right next to us. We were like whaaaat? That was just the beginning of this trip. Eventually we get to our hotel and its so cute! Huge with tall ceilings, and spacious. They also had cable which our last stay did not have so that was cool. It’s not a big deal there because they expect you to be out having fun but ya girl needs to rest because my body will ache more than I can bare from the injuries.

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ANYWHO, we met up most days at the hotel the NFL bought out. There were IG models who were flown out (I heard them talking in the bathroom), football players, producers, etc. all just walking around casually in front of the water. Doug Flutie was even sitting behind me having lunch lol. Then we go to a club every night. We saw Gunna, we saw Da Baby, Lil Baby, Stunna4Vegas, Funk Flex, Nicki Minaj and others!

Seeing Da Baby, Stuna4Vegas and Funk Flex was our favorite night. Being that I work with Ais York Promotios, I get to experience VIP treatment when I take these trips and it is a blessing because it’s not common for me to experience as it probably isn’t for most.

What’s crazy is it seems to bring a lot of attention to me by promoters, IG influencers, celebrities, etc. which is also crazy because I lay low even though I have nothing to hide. I just don’t like people in my business so even having a blog is hard for me at times because it’s so much more revealing than I’m used to (even if I don’t share everything). I’ll get into why in a second.

Joe and I are standing there in the entrance of Wynwood Factory for the Trap Bowl Day Party, waiting for my uncle. He walks by with Da Baby’s people to check the area he will be in, in VIP and let’s us know to meet him in VIP. We go there and immediately this huge linebacker looking dude hops over the ropes because we headed directly for Ais lol. I was like what the heck but it was his security. He told us to move by the DJ booth because the section we were in was someone elses. So we moved RIGHT next to the DJ booth where Funk Flex would be lol.

Outfit Worn to Wynwood Factory

My uncle is running around so much trying to get us drinks, trying to run the whole world it seems so Joe and I are just waiting until we see a couple relatives. I ended up alone for a bit just standing there and that’s when I noticed everyone staring at me. Not in a malicious way but in a curious way. I get anxious about stuff like that but that day I wasn’t. I was comfortable as hell lol.

Once Da Baby began walking by (my ass was texting and almost missed him lol) It kind of hit me where we were. He literally walked RIGHT by me and looked at me. Girls were SCREAMING, Oh my goodness. It was madness. People compared it to The Beatles lol. I saw a girl lose her breath like she was really in awe that he was there in front of us but he is Da Baby so I understand I guess. This one guy came up next to me during Da Baby’s performance (many people gave me space which I’m grateful for) SCREAMING about how LIT this was and trying to hype me up. I was enjoying it on a more chill level…at times lol.

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Da Baby was accompanied by Stunna4Vegas and I swear while they were hanging out in VIP, thhe looked at us, a lot. I will say the grill in my mouth was gleaming 😉 so the lights hitting it in clubs catches peoples attention. It catches mine when I see rappers chains and such. But I know it was because people were wondering who I was, too. Once they saw Ais and my other relatives check in on me, they started to stare. They knew my family who was running the event but didn’t know me which is cool with me. I’m lowkey at times, most times lol. It was cool though and they looked like they had a good time.

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Funk Flex even shouted Joe out for wearing a Mets Jersey because it reps NY and he’s a Mets fan too, he told him lol. I think a lot of people thought we were from New York but in comparison to Chicago and Miami attendees, I guess we might as well be lol. My family is from New York anyway so it makes sense. I had my family security flanking me, my Johnny Dang Grill,curious eyes on me, free drinks in VIP with Funk Flex shouting Joe out and it wasn’t even dinner time yet! lol. I had to thank Spirit for that.

Sometimes being in VIP sucks because you have haters or weirdos messing with you. I had a girl even toss a drink behind her on me. It got all over the bottom of my jacket, my shoes, leg, etc and it took me all my might not to do something I’d regret later because it was beneath me so I didn’t. I gave her a look and she shrunk her shoulders and avoided contact. I thought to myself if I should have her kicked out instead for her aggressive (hatin’ ass) behavior but I decided against it. Let her have her fun, it benefits me and I’m sure she was looking forward to this one event. I am blessed enough to attend many. So I moved up a few yards. She follows. She’s elbowing, she’s dancing on me, anything to make me flinch then all of a sudden she wasn’t there lol. Don’t know what happened, don’t care. Another tried it and another. I’m used to it now, I just move because I can and because I’m not stooping that low. I’m technically at work at the end of the day and you can always leave VIP for drinks and come back in. Obviously those are times when I don’t have a lot of family near by but Joe isn’t having it either lol.

SWIPE RIGHT for Full Look

Then you have girls, specifically, who stare like they want to be your friend. That same stare some gave in grade school lol. I was like aww I want to say Hi too but what if they’re mean or something? Lol, That’s when my anxious thoughts kick in. My goal is to make a connection next time. They looked like they were having a lot of fun!

The night the girl dumped the drink (which didn’t stain a thing and came off in the bathroom because I’m protected<3) was the night we saw Nicki Minaj. She was RIGHT THERE. Like one the people in her entourage was in front of me which he also gave that curious stare. I’m not sure why but I wish his ass would’ve called us up there so I could see her better lol. Short people problems. Joe has to take some of the videos. Nicki and her husband looked like they had a good time and so did everyone else.

My original footage at Studio 23 Miami

I have so much footage, man. And there were many more events. The viewing party for the Superbowl was fun too but we just attended that. Some of it I posted and someone even stole it so now I have to watermark everything which is so annoying but it is was it is. That means the videos were good, right? It makes me feel better thinking of it that way because it’s true. Click the Instagram Icon anywhere on this blog to check out my Superbowl Highlights.

It was such a glamourous week but it always is on these trips. It really truly made me feel good to see everyone having such an amazing time all while on Black History Month Too? Blessingsssssssssssss. And many because ever since this trip in particular, opportunities and recognition have been rolling in. My uncle tagged me in a post with all of the artist from the Superbowl events that week and then me. Just me with them, these videos and stuff brought my views up on IG like crazy. I was even DMed by a cast member of a popular reality show inviting me to hang out with the cast, invites as guest appearances and a lot more.

It’s nice to have a platform to reveal some of what goes on because let me tell you, people who aren’t doing this are not supportive. I call them people but I mean friends. I don’t talk to many now because I avoid negativity and hate like that. That’s a blessing blocker anyway for EVERYONE to hate on others especially ones you care for. Don’t have time for that. Too many cool things happening in my life and I’m so grateful for it. I get to tell spirit about it and get my guidance at the altar and through my tools (I brought my tarot decks on the trip) and let you know on here with no judgement and happiness because come on…..It’s DA BABY and Nicki Minaj! Helloooo lol.

With Love,

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