Spiritual Cleanse Candle

Spiritual Cleanse Candle – $9.99

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Spiritual Cleanse Candle

A white, Vigil candle topped with Sage and Rosemary soaked in Florida water, Copal resin, and Super-moon charged Quartz Crystal chips.

Rosemary: Cleansing, Purifies

Common Sage: Guidance, Intention Setting, Protection, Good Luck

Florida Water: Cleansing, Protection

Quartz Crystal: Clears Negativity, Manifestation, Protection, Amplifies Energy

Copal Resin: Blessings, Psychic clarity

White Candle/Color White: Healing, Blessings, Angelic, New Beginnings, All Purpose

I personally make theses candles for my immediate family and I decided to provide some of them here if anyone is interested. This pairs well with the Spiritual Cleanse Soap Bar which provides a more intense and stronger intent towards whatever you are manifest/channel/conjure/intend, etc. Treat as a ritual.

More about the Spiritual Cleanse Candle…

– 9.Spiritual Cleanse Candle paired with the Spiritual Cleanse Soap Bar – $9.99 Each

The Intention set in these candles is to help bring the elements of purity, positivity, protection and guidance amongst other beneficial properties into your environment, life, specific situation, etc. If you feel as though there is a weird/ negative energy clouding you or a particular situation, location and so on, this candle can help aid the intentions set to remove that energy and bring forth clean, pure energy, a breath of fresh air and clarity into the situation. If there is something you are trying to manifest in your life whether that be a job or better situation in general, you can set those intentions with this candle as well. The Spiritual Cleanse Candle is also a great candle/aid for protection intentions and the removal of negative spirits.

Lighting this candle helps amplify the energy you currently posses or an energy you are trying to channel. I recommend you light this when you are in a calm state of mind and not in a low vibrational setting. This will set the candle work off and manifest energies you’re more than likely trying to remove or not trying to currently focus on.

How to set up the Spiritual Cleanse Candle…

I personally feel as though you should follow certain ways based on your own studies you trust, but do what is comfortable for you. In a general sense, I can tell you what I recommend:

1. Clear your mind. I recommend meditation for as long as you need and if you need guided meditating audios to listen to, I’d recommend apps like the Calm app or looking some up on YouTube. Make sure your mind is on a blank slate or vibrating the energy that you plan to set the intentions of towards the Spiritual Cleanse Candle.

2. Clear a safe space. This space should be higher up away from children, pets and movement or floating/hovering objects that will be in dangerous/hazardous proximity to the candle. This space can be where you set up an altar. You don’t need anything fancy just the “tools” you feel will help amplify your intent and offerings to Spirit such as wine, tobacco, popcorn for Elegua, etc.

3. Cleanse the candle in Florida water. You can purchase Florida Water at your nearest Botanica, possibly an East Meets West at the mall, Amazon and of course any trusted online Witchery shops. As you clean the candle with florida water and a paper towel/cloth or whatever you prefer, set the intention to cleanse the candle of any lingering negative energy or energy that will compromise your intent. Speak to whomever/whatever you are asking for aid for through the candle. Begin channeling the vibration of whatever you are trying to manifest with the candle whether that be protection, clearing energy, balance, etc. If I should add Florida Water to the Zoetique inventory, comment below.

4. Light the candle while setting your intention. Keep channeling that vibration and set it into the candle and pray to whomever/whatever you feel comfortable praying to. Actually feel it and believe whatever you’re asking for is happening. Picture it, feel it and feel every detail and imagine using all your senses in the moment when you receive what you’ve asked for. Expect it and it is yours is how this works. That is why it is important to follow the steps above. You don’t have to be happy or in the best place of course, but make sure there isn’t anything to cloud your judgement and tamper with your work at that moment.

Spiritual Cleanse Candle – $9.99


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Instagram: @Zoetique | Email: Zoetique@outlook.com


*I am not an expert. I just do what works well for me every time and I am sharing it with you. Please be careful as this is not a game or toy. Respect the process and do what makes you comfortable. Do not compromise your safety for this candle. Be safe and take precaution as this is fire. *

With Love,


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