Coronavirus – A reading for the Collective

Hey you all,

How are you holding up? How is it going? I know the energy right now is so crazy. I’ve been prepping for the apocalypse juuuuuuuust in case because you know…no toilet paper or food on the shelves.

I did a reading earlier today and I posted it to Instagram. I wanted to share it here too and piggy back off of it a little by starting with this:

We need to understand that all is well and everything will be okay. This is temporary but the new normal for now. We need to learn to appreciate what we have, that we are here and adjust while we can. If we resist these changes in the world, it will affect us more in a negative way. Vibrations will lower more and one thing I truly believe is low vibration=low immunity. So don’t worry, be kind to others, be gentle, be CLEAN and enjoy this time at home by having fun and raising your vibration. This is the best contribution you can give to the planet right now. Thank you for this. ❤

Collective reading regarding the Coronavirus

Tools Used from LEFT to RIGHT:

1. Work your light Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell

2. Healing Crystals Information Cards & Oracle Deck (Crystal Deck #1)

3. Zoetique Intuitive Words From Spirit (Email or comment below if you’re interested)

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👁I’ve been getting so many downloads, today especially, that I cant put it all in words yet.
This is what I’m feeling. Do not hold me to this but I felt the need to share.

🌙To me this is a karmic shift. Being quarantined is a way the universe is restoring balance and order by shaking us all out of our comfort zone so we have no choice but to depend on each other, worry about our/others well being and learn to be sustainable and humble. We lost touch a long time ago and the universe has had enough. We are not invincible bc of our possessions, positions in society, our views, etc.

👁As scary as it sounds it almost feels like natural selection. I feel things will get intense, Martial Law , even. I feel eventually states will lift bans one by one causing fomo for others but there will be more compassion and love. I see people being excited to hug their neighbors or classmates. I see people happy and appreciative to be apart of society. Appreciate of their work lives, etc. Less complaining and more enjoying the moment.

🌙 This is a reset. People will connect more to themselves which will then bring up new talents, messages, etc. that will be shared with the world. This is the balance being restored. This is FATE.

👁Take this time to connect with yourself and loved ones. Do something you wish you could have done if you had more time to be home. Trust the niggle you get. That thing that nags at you that you know you should try and do but you made excuses not to. This can somehow benefit society when things get better. This can be that missing link for you. Use it to create and be inspired by others also going through this because we are all in this together whether we like it or not. I see this as peace and if we use this time and situation to our advantage, a lot of good can come out of it. That or you will be left behind if you resist. Stay safe all❤

All messages I feel I need to share, I will post them here,

With Love,

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