Comparisons- A message for the Collective

Hello my Soul Tribe 👁🌙

I have a message from Spirit that I felt the need to share today. It seems to be a bit more for a specific group in the collective that needs to see this, a smaller group. There is no judgement here, it’s natural and it makes a lot of sense. I can gaurentee a lot of people are doing this without even realizing it. I’m making you aware so that your blessings won’t be blocked. Karma is full throttle nowadays ready to enforce lessons onto people who aren’t getting the message. It’s funny because I kept receiving signs for this and no matter what, it kept coming up, today. I was getting anxious and irritable out of no where. The moment I shared it to the Zoetique Instagram page, my muscles relaxed. I love how our intuition speaks through our body. ❤

This message is what I’ve downloaded and shared. If it does not resonate with you or anyone you know, then it does not apply.

Follow @Zoetique on Instagram for more

Follow @Zoetique on Instagram for More

Greetings✌🏾 How are you holding up?
I got to pulling some cards this morning and wanted to make sure I shared it earlier rather than later like last time.
This message feels like it’s for a certain group out of the collective that needs to see this👁🌙

As you sit home and continuously scroll through Instagram, Facebook posts, etc. You see into the intimate lives of others, especially right now. Everyone is on IG live and such showing you their world and you may be looking at what they have, what they did to get it, etc.

🤚🏾Stop Comparing❤ The grass is not always greener on the other side. This pandemic we’re going through should remind you now if anything, that no one is better than the other.

We are all susceptible to the natural forces on this earth and we forgot about that because our society is too caught up in Pop Culture and “Politics” (I put air quotes bc it’s been nothing but drama, slander and gossip related to it more than ever IMO) the media, our phones, our TVs push on to us. And I’m guilty of being caught up too sometimes but it’s time to RELEASE all of that. It’s time to shift and change perspective. It’s time to stop comparing and stop trying to keep up with the Jones’s. That doesnt matter now. It never did and that’s what this message wants you to understand.

Fill your well🍶❤ Cater to yourself🥰 😍Admire your own accomplishments, what you have, what you have to offer. Look in the mirror, take some selfies. Pat yourself on the back, when was the last time you took pride in yourself? Spend some time in the essence of LOVE and GRATITUDE because its helps you remember that things aren’t so bad where you’re standing in the bigger picture.💃🏾
👁Stay Home and Stay Safe🌙

Did this resonate with you or someone you know? Let’s talk about it in the comments below or on Instagram.

With Love,


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