Pick a deck – Intuitive reading for the collective | Transformation

Hello all,

I hope everything is going well with you and you’re hanging in there. We’re almost out of this mess if you think about it in the grand scheme of things.

Spirit has been very VERY persistent in me sharing another message. It just exhausts me of course because I am an Empath and it does take a lot of energy to read for others but I’m getting a lot used to it again. I just have to have food on stand-by or be ready for a nap. I need one already and its only 9am lol. When I was a child, this was nothing. I read for others all day and night , no problem. I had too much energy lol.

This morning I woke up like Okay…it’s time for me to stop BSing and do 3 groups of cards for the collective. You determine which one resonates with you in terms of the crystal you see, cards, both, whatever you feel just trust your intuition and find your group below. If you feel one or all of them resonate with you then feel free to consider all 3 messages. Let me know if the comments if any of this resonates, it helps my practice. Enjoy ❤

KEYWORDS: Transformation, Purify, Release

Astrology.com : Pluto will station retrograde on April 25, 2020 at 24°59’ Capricorn, and will station direct on October 4, 2020 at 22°29′ Capricorn.

GROUP 1: Crystal Quartz

It’s very interesting how the Crystal Quartz lined up with Mother of Sticks from The Hoodoo Tarot deck. The Crystal Quartz is the most powerful crystal of them all and what Mother of Sticks represents is Courage, Confidence, Positivity, Focus, Fiery Passion and in this case, Goddess energy in general. The Feminine card plays off of that as well. Between that, the card from the universe deck and the Lemuria card, this is letting you know to step into your Feminine power. You don’t have to identify with a specific gender in order to step into this state. This is a reminder that you hold the power to set the intent and manifest whatever your heart truly desires. There is no need to worry or fear or feel pressure despite what the outside world is going through today. Give yourself more credit and understand that the masculine energy you’ve been pouring into others and your environment (Masculine=Giving) has been creating an imbalance. You might of even noticed that and have been getting irritated or taken advantage of but remember that you have FULL CONTROL so don’t force it because that is the energy of Oppression which is what’s playing a huge role in your irritation and restlessness. Take a step back, quiet the noise and start setting those intentions today. Channel the energy of the Crystal Quartz because it holds power to help you manifest and create your desires. It’s time for you to FOCUS on stepping into your feminine energy and RECEIVE. Receive Love, Support, Guidance because you are loved, supported and divinely guided. Once you realize that, life will begin to feel lighter. You will sleep better, feel less irritable and you’ll be able to create and attract your own heaven on earth. Keep your energy light and be gentle with yourself in the meanwhile and always. There is greatness on the way so get excited!

Your Angel Number(s): 888 , 222, 111

My Advice: Before bed, write down what you wish to manifest/receive as if it is yours. Then as you go to sleep tonight, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a world where everything you wish to desire already was. Keep holding on to that and think as if it is already yours and you are experiencing it for the first time. Feel yourself there down to the smells passing you by and allow yourself to drift into sleep. When you wake up , write down your dream and analyze what happened. If you wish to have aid in lucid dreaming, Mugwort tea can be purchased on amazon. It helps with remembering dreams as well as lucid dreaming.

GROUP 2: Amethyst

Aw I really want to give this group a big hug. You’re going through it and trying to hold it together but it’s hard. You’re stressed, you don’t have energy, motivation or much excitement left in you because your world was turned upside down. It’s time to stop fighting or denying the changes that have come your way and accept it. It’s the only way and there is nothing you can really do about it except stay as positive as you can, look at the bigger, brighter picture and move forward. Let the universe take it from here. It’s okay if it seems scary or like a huge leap but you are not left with a choice right now. The universe is putting you in a situation to test you on adjustment as well as begin your healing process. You may have been triggered or re-living trauma but please don’t torture yourself dwelling in that. Call on your support and know you are so cared for, divinely protected and loved, it’s insane. You need healing. Channel the Amethyst crystal as this is a healing stone that promotes healing, cleansing, and spiritually. Call a friend and vent, hug more, accept comfort right now and know it’s all going to be okay, you just have to stop fighting it now and let it be but please do not do it alone. You are being encouraged to reach out to your soul tribe whether that be friends, family, a pen-pal, whomever and receive the love and support you need. It will make things feel much lighter. Everything is going to be okay. ❤

Your Angel Number(s): 555, 444

My Advice: Take some time to take a hot shower, put on your comfy clothes, grab your phone and give the most comforting person you can reach a call. Not even just to vent but just to feel the comfort of their voice or maybe if you live with them, have a cup of tea with them and chat. Really be present and leave out phones or computers if you can. Let yourself be mothered in this sense and really feel the essence of love. If you don’t have access to anyone then I ask that you sit there and think of every little thing you are grateful for even if you feel the need to say it twice in your head or elaborate. The feeling that comes with that when you do it for as long as its personally needed for you is amazing. It’s like you can feel the warmth beam from within and everything doesn’t feel so heavy. Try it but believe it too because all is well and positive changes are confirming that. It won’t be this hard for long.

Group 3: Emerald

You’re for sure an intuitive person and a visualist. Because you tap into this at times, your vibration rises and you glow. But Lately it’s been hard to tap into that with all the buzz and distractions going on in your life. It’s time to call that power back. Take a break and ground yourself because you’re doing too much. Possibly trying to fight for a relationship (platonic or not) to do better but it’s just not getting there and it’s making you tired and maybe even lonely. Because of this, you’re not present enough and a part of you is being neglected. Take this recommended break to replenish yourself while things unfold and new beginnings are created. The message that will unfold will be revealed to you once you’ve done what the universe asks of you. I even see new people coming into your life and new connections being made as a result but you have to be ready to receive. The answers you’ve been reaching for will come to you so don’t stress or do too much right now. Don’t let the energy of this retrograde have you in your feelings about what others have done to you in the past. It will begin to take a physical toll. It’s blocking blessings and newness – specifically new fresh faces that will be making an appearance in your life. So retreat and know for sure you are appreciated for all the love you’ve given to others. Some will get with the program and some won’t understand because you’re wavelength and vibration is different now. Those who don’t notice your glow will be replaced with those who will. So ease up , heal, take a bubble bath or mediate and get ready for new beginnings.

Your Angel Number(s): 666, 111 *Angel number 666 does not mean evil, Just means imbalance.*

My Advice: Again, a bubble bath with candles and music. Maybe a glass of wine or something to take the ease off and relaaaaxxxx. Use this time to ease the noise and tension. If you can’t take a bath, take a hot shower. Set the intention that you’re washing away all of your stress and distractions. It’s all going down the drain and making room for you to call your power back. Be present while you shower and really imagine yourself washing away your stress gently. Gather a playlist of songs you like to sing or listen to and play it while doing so to raise your vibration because it makes the intent stronger. Once you’re done, you’ll begin to notice a shift in your priorities. That is the balance that is needed.

That’s all for now. Please let me know in the comments below if which group you chose and how it resonates with you. If it does not resonate, please feel free to refer back to this post because it may become apparent later in the week. This retrograde is going to toss around old triggers and feelings from the past. Let it go and let it be. It’s okay because there is good to come on the way.

With Love,

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