Flower Super Moon 2020 | What it is & What to do

She’s always beaming right above my head when I’m in bed, I love it❤ This was like 3:00am lol
One more day until the Flower Super moon🌼

*Starting at 6:43am May 7th*

It’s the last Super Moon of 2020. This is a good time for manifesting a career you want, protection, divinity, feminine energy, (not in form of gender but in terms of receiving as opposed to giving which is masculine energy) prosperity, abundance in general and much more. Its also known to be one of the brightest of the Super Moons that come around.🌕 This is something we all should take advantage of tomorrow.

Keywords: Healing, Guidance, Manifest, Prosperity, Abundance, Protection, Feminine, Awareness, Guilt, Shame, Assessment, Self- Reflection, Rebirth, Rejuvenation, Compassion, Empathy, Sympathy


More about how it affects you: The Flower Super Moon is called Flower because of the season its coming in. This is the new year, the season of rebirth. And as any Super Moon, will be filled with energy and will affect most of us on the planet. Being in Quarantine as I mentioned in a previous post, is the universe forcing us to face the shadow sides of us we don’t want to face. These are the parts of us we may be ashamed of, guilty of embarrassed of, etc. Watching Tik Tok videos, trying new recipes or watching your favorite celeb’s Live on Instagram is cool and all but your soul is waiting. At some point you need to face what you’ve been running from for all these years and if you haven’t done that already, this is the perfect time to do so.

You’re probably (and if not, you most likely will during it) feeling the energy of the Flower Moon already . You may feel sensitive, in your feelings a bit, a little irritable but also more understanding of others because of how sensitive youre feeling. You don’t have to be scared to face this during the super moon because this is the time the universe is providing you to do this work. We have to let the motherly energy of the Moon craddle us and mother us while we transition during this time. Its unavoidable and will only cause your soul more disturbance if you don’t face it now.

For others who have been facing their own demons during this time, its time to start planting seeds. Manifestation is big during moons like this and its almost effortless with how much energy it carries. This is the last Super Moon so I’d do a whole ritual if you can or at least take time out of your evening to set those intentions with a clear mind and receptive energy.


What to do:

Now I’m personally excited for this Super Moon as I am with all of them because energy in general is strongest so doing work during it is more satisfying to me. I use Super Moons to conjure goddess energy. To me, trying to tap into your Goddess Energy is stepping into your power, your confidence and being the best version of yourself, your Higher Self. That’s always the base of my rituals and work during moons like this. I do this often even without a super moon. Its probably a Libra thing lol.

TO DO: Just a few recommendations

  • Manifest in any and all ways you can or know how to
  • Make Moon Water
  • Charge your Crystals/Tools(outside or at the window overnight as long as the moon light is hitting it)
  • Journal your intentions and goals and what you’re thankful for
  • Pray for Guidance, Protection, and Pure energy so that nothing counteractive can disturb your manifesting
  • Move/Dance under the moon light to charge yourself. It charges you and rises vibrations. Stretching too
  • Meditate/Sound Bowl to connect with yourself and Spirit
  • Give an offer to the Universe/ Your spirit guides with the intent of gratitude for what you have now (Highly Recommended)
  • Clean and sweep up dust that can hoard bad energy
  • Sage and Spray your home with Florida Water while reciting positive affirmations that will lead you to your goals
  • Take a bubble bath with music that makes you feel relaxed with candles and/or wine or whatever makes you feel mellow
  • Candle work (Highly Recommended)
  • Lucid Dream
  • Set intentions in your meal by praying over it. Start with “I set the intentions in this ______ by_________”

Flower Super Moon Reading For The Collective/Soul Tribe – What Spirit Wants You To Know:

Amenti Oracle Deck | For information on Personal Readings, Click Here

I apologize for the poor quality. I’m not sure why my media uploads this way lol.


What you need to keep in mind for the Flower Super Moon if you plan on setting intentions is to be gentle with yourself and others. I don’t need to remind you of how hard it is right now. We are all in a situation none of us have been in before and we don’t really know how to handle it as a whole. The transformation we’re experiencing in our planet (and galaxy in general) is oozing strong energy that’s causing major changes in our everyday lives even in quarantine. It’s going to make you moody. It’s going to make you antsy and restless and uncomfortable and vulnerable. We need to feel it and stop running from those kinds of feelings yearning to be mothered by ourselves because we’re too scared or ashamed. Face it and accept it. Let yourself be vulnerable and sensitive and compassionate to others because we need it more than ever and it’s not being spread around as much as it should be. We need to remind ourselves that we aren’t the only ones going through this as well and that we need to try to become the best versions of ourselves and carry that influence into the connections we have with others.

I’m sure being stuck at home with others for this long period of time or having to bust your ass and risk your life from deadly hornets and a mutated (according to CNBC) is taking a bigger toll on you than you ever thought you could experience. It’s changing you and changing the quality of your relationships around you. Don’t let influenced emotions tarnish your relationships. Trust being lost because we can’t face what we have going internally so we project it on to others is the theme lately and it needs to be laid to rest. It’s time to self-reflect on how maybe we have been toxic to others and how that made your energy less pure and low vibrational.

This is kind of how our Earth is replenishing itself with us in quarantine. We created so much toxicity on our planet from pollution to hate to vanity and lack of compassion and that trickled into our personal lives. Can you admit that to yourself?

Focus instead on creating a harmony in your space and purifying your energy. This is the time of rebirth (as you can see “I care for earth” card has pregnancy and a snake coming out of an egg as a representation of this season and moon’s energy) and a time to clear out what doesn’t serve us, including our own toxic energy and plant the seeds to what you desire to come in order to step into your power and manifest what you want. Just be sure that what you set intentions for is for the highest good of all and as a form of guidance not a hand off. You have to be committed to do the work in order to see results. Speak with good intent and be open to receive the downloads to help guide you in the right direction.

Affirmation from Work You Light Oracle Deck

Channel the energy of Akasha

‘I Open Myself Up To Receive The Wisdom Of The Akasha. I am Ready To Download Any Information From My Soul Records That Is In My Highest Good And The Highest Good Of All Right Now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

A brief recap on what to do: Be accepting and gentle with yourself and others while the transformation continues. This is the part where you set your intentions after taking a moment to self reflect. Journal, cleanse your crystals. Replenish and surround yourself around flowers if you can, use rose oil if possible and surround yourself around love and light. Raise your vibration and speak your intentions into existence with the base of love, peace and light to help us heal our planet. We need it. You need it ❤


For information on Personal Readings, Click Here

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With Love,

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