New Vlog up! Joe’s Surprise Karaoke Party, Snow Storms and St. Patty’s Day. Check it out if you feel like laughing

The Accent Tag:NJ Edition

I did my first YouTube Collab! Joe and I decided to do the accent tag with Alicia Motley! We said a series of words and had to answer questions. You can search this up and compare our answers to others all around the world! Pretty cool 😀

Top 15 CRAZY Mandela Effects| Reaction

[REACTION VIDEO] Here are the TOP 15 MANDELA EFFECTS that will F**k your life up! No really….like you will be shook if you never heard of this before. My guest, Seth has never even heard of Mandela Effects or knows NOTHING about conspiracy theories so this shows his reactions as well.

Boyfriend Does My Make Up Challenge

While sipping on wine, my bf Joe makes me look like a fool on the internet by attempting to do my make-up. Oh, and my cat won’t look at me anymore. Think I scared him away. If you want to be scared away too, take a look at your own risk.

Zee Zoetic now on YOUTUBE

So I finally started my channel for youtube! I’ve been wanting to for a long time. Like a year….I bought a camera last year and everything smh. But finally, I decided it was now or never. No, I do not have the best editing, and my camera quality sucks once uploaded and idk but I…